Why are our boards so unique?

Our goal was to create high-end snowboards using all advanced technologies the best snowboard factories can offer. We packed it all into transparent designs and created ultra performance machines for taming any terrain.

The Pathron premium wood cores, despite beeing extremly light, sacrify nothing in strength or durability. They are are light, but more importantly offers unique memory retention and has been built up in the edge areas to give you what could possibly be one of the best freeride and freestyle rides ever.


Camrocker Profile

Micro camber between the bindings, with rocker in the tip and tail from the bindings out. One of the key advantages this board profile is its advanced performance on slopes that are covered with freshly fallen snow. The unique shape of our 3-Stage Rocker design permits the snowboard to rock back and forth during jibbing tricks but it’s also great for beginners as it helps prevent you from catching an edge.

Low Camber Profile

Our low camber snowboards have 1mm of camber underneath. It offers a very good edge control and stability of a camber profile with better turn initiation typical for a flat profile. Buttering will be easier than on a cambered board and you’ll feel more pop than with a rockered board.

Classic Camber Profile

Our classic camber snowboards have 15 mm of camber underneath. It oers a very good edge control. The camber shape provides precision turning on finely groomed runs of hard-packed snow but also oers increased hold in the half pipe as it can bend with the curvature of the ramp walls. The unique shape of the camber snowboard has the ability to absorb the landing impact of high-altitude tricks.

Hybrid Camber Profile

It oers great ollie-pop, is more forgiving than the classic camber profile and allows quick and grippy edge-to-edge turns.

Hybrid Rocker Profile

It’s a good choice for those riders who like the best of both worlds. Reverse camber between the feet keep it loose, playful and floaty, while positive camber in the nose and tail deliver a ton of pop and stability and edge hold. Camrocam oers great float in powder and a catch-free freestyle performance. It feels more like a rockered board than a cambered board when you ride it.

Missile Profile

The missile profile provides stability underfoot, while the significant rockered nose provides excellent float in powder, quick turning and ridiculous responsiveness.


Directional Shape

The board has a longer nose and shorter tail and have a stance that is set back from the center of the board. We also used an asymmetrical flex pattern, with stier tails for carving better turns and keeping afloat through choppy snow and powder.

Directional Twin Shape

The binding inserts are set back, the flex is even, the sidecut is radial, the tip and tail are exactly the same width but the nose is longer than the tail.

Twin Shape

The binding inserts are set back, the flex is even, the sidecut is radial, the tip and tail are exactly the same width and length.

True Twin Shape

A true twin shape means the board is 100% symmetrical – the stance is centered, the flex is even, the sidecut is dual-progressive, the tip and tail are exactly the same width and length.


High Density Biax Fiberglass Laminate

Our lightweight high density premium biaxial laminates not only possess all the advantages of our standard biaxial laminates but also provide additional stability, oer over 10% more pop and over 5% more torsional and longitudinal stiness comparing to the standard laminates.

High Density Triaxial Fiberglass Laminate

Light-weight, multi axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that provides excellent torsional and longitudinal rigidity, great pop and response for a precise controlled ride.

Carbon Laminate

The carbon topsheet lamination gives the board very good torsional stiness, great stability, good power transmission, and edge grip.


Sintered base

One of the fastest base in the industry. The IS7200/IS7500 sintered base is mixed with graphite, black carbon and Nano additives. The Nano additives take in heat then expel the heat to melt the snow. This creates less surface tension and more glide.

Graphite base

The Sintered NHS Graphite Race base is currently the hardest and fastest base on the market. It’s based on a sintered base mixed with graphite, black carbon and nano additives.


Carbon Stringers Reinforcement

Carbon stringers are added to selected models to improve pop, torsional stiness and to add response to your edges and your ollies.

Power Plates

Additional biax fiberglass power plates underneath the bindings region improve the power transfer to the edges and oer great damping properties.

Tasmaniam Oak

Tasmanian oak is a species of Eucalyptus, a premium Australian hardwood timber growing in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. It’s known for its high resilient and extraordinary hardness.


Transparent design

We think you should see what you get and we made all technologies like x-carbon/kevlar, triaxial fiberglass and premium woodcores visibile to you.

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